Fashion Design Coaching

Richard Ohene Sika's Fashion Design Coaching is a specialized service he provides to aspiring fashion designers. Whether you're just starting your fashion design journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, Richard Ohene Sika, can provide valuable guidance and support in the following areas:
1. Concept Development
2. Design Techniques and Skills
3. Portfolio Development
4. Fashion Trend Research
5. Collection Planning and Execution
6. Industry Insights and Networking
7. Entrepreneurial Guidance

Talent Management

Richard Ohene Sika is a talent manager to established and upcoming fashion designers and illustrators across Ghana. He connects the talent he manages to opportunities, helping them to set up business procedures, and production systems. As a talent manager, he acts as a consultant and overseer of the business affairs of various talents. With an established roster of successful entrepreneurs, Richard has a keen eye for talent. A patient and listening ear, he is able to meet his clients’ objectives by establishing trust. Whether it is supporting them with finding studio space, finding the right designer, seamstress or fabric provider, Mr. Ohene Sika, is a high-quality manager who has great business acumen and excellent presentation skills.

Styling & Grooming

Richard Ohene Sika's Styling and Grooming Service is a personalized program designed to help clients enhance their image and exude confidence. With his keen eye for style and extensive knowledge of grooming techniques, Richard guides clients in refining their wardrobe choices and improving their grooming habits.

The styling service focuses on discovering and cultivating clients' unique fashion identity. Richard assesses your current wardrobe, identifies gaps, and provides recommendations on how to create a cohesive, versatile, and stylish collection of clothing that aligns with your lifestyle and personal preferences. He guides clients on how to mix and match clothing pieces, create different looks for various occasions, and incorporate the latest fashion trends without losing their personal touch.

In addition to styling, Richard's grooming service provides advice on skincare, hair care, and overall image presentation. He offers personalized tips and techniques that will enhance your natural features, match your style, and boost your confidence. This service covers everything from basic grooming routines to selecting the right products for your skin and hair type.

Whether you're preparing for an important event, looking to update your personal image, or striving to make a mark in the fashion industry, Richard's Styling and Grooming Service offers a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. Elevate your style and personal brand with Richard Ohene Sika's expert guidance.

Fashion Consultancy

Leverage the expertise of a seasoned professional in the fashion industry with Richard Ohene Sika's Fashion Consultancy Service. Richard offers a comprehensive approach to fashion consultancy, combining his in-depth knowledge of trends, extensive experience in the industry, and an impeccable eye for style to provide unparalleled guidance to individuals and fashion businesses.

For individuals seeking to elevate their style, Richard offers personalized fashion advice, wardrobe analysis, and shopping assistance. He guides clients in honing their personal style, making informed fashion choices, and creating a versatile and stylish wardrobe that aligns with their lifestyle and image goals.

For fashion businesses, Richard's consultancy service offers strategic advice to navigate the dynamic fashion industry landscape. He provides guidance on brand development, collection planning, trend forecasting, and marketing strategies. Richard also connects brands with his extensive network of industry contacts, facilitating collaborations and helping to secure lucrative opportunities.

With Richard's Fashion Consultancy Service, clients gain access to expert advice, personalized strategies, and industry insights to achieve their fashion goals, whether personal or business-oriented. With Richard's guidance, elevate your style or propel your fashion business to new heights of success.